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Is your job search stalled?

Are you getting few or no interviews?

If you answer yes, then perhaps you need to reassess the quality of your resume and cover letter, because you need both to get results in today’s competitive labor market.

Recent Success Stories and Client Comments

Mike started to job search this year after completing his dental technician training. He made a career change due to being physically unable to perform his previous job as an electronics technician. Prior to meeting with me for a resume, interview prep and job search tips, he contacted and interviewed with employers on his own; but he did not get any offers.

When we met I reviewed his interview experience and identified his key problem areas. I also prepared a new resume and cover letter that focused strongly on his newly acquired skills and work attributes. I coached him on cold calling, interviewing and salary negotiation.

Within 4-6 weeks he got a lab tech position in a dental lab, near his home that offers the flexibility and growth that he is seeking. As he said, ‘It is the perfect job for me”.

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Tom, had been an LVN most of his life, but decided to make a career change late in life to become a chef. He completed training, but had poor interviewing skills and no resume. I assisted him in all areas, including preparing thank you letters, and he ultimately accepted a prep chef job at a resort, exactly where he wanted to be employed. After close to 6 months, I updated his resume and he changed jobs, and promoted to a chef position in a restaurant. As he said, “ I couldn’t have done it without you. You did a beautiful job on the resume too.”


Eugene was in the military for 20 years, had several degrees, but when he retired at a young age, he had neither focus, nor consistency to his job search. After some discussion, clarification of his interests and values in terms of a career, I prepared a resume, gave him tips on interviewing and job searching. He job searched more effectively, had several interviews and ultimately accepted a high paying administrative analyst position with the Federal government. He said, “ Thank you for your support and helping me see through the fog. The job is a good fit with my abilities and experience.”


Janine had front office experience, but needed a resume to reflect her back office skills more accurately. With a new resume, she was able to job search effectively and accepted a job with a large medical practice, doing exactly what she wanted.

“Thank you for all of your help, you made my skills stand out so that I could compete for a better job.”

Joe had little experience in the field, had an AS degree and was job searching sporadically with a poor resume and no cover letter. He wondered why he was not getting employer callbacks. I rewrote his resume, prepared a generic cover letter, thank you letter, provided him with job search structure and interview prep. He landed an entry-level job with a local software development firm, where he could apply his tech and customer service skills. His comments, “ I didn’t think it would be so hard or take so long. Thanks for your help.”

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