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Joe had little experience in the field, had an AS degree and was job searching sporadically with a poor resume and no cover letter. He wondered why he was not getting employer callbacks. I rewrote his resume, prepared a generic cover letter, thank you letter, provided him with job search structure and interview prep. He landed an entry-level job with a local software development firm, where he could apply his tech and customer service skills. His comments, “I didn’t think it would be so hard or take so long. Thanks for your help.”

I have prepared over 2000 resumes in all fields, including preparing resumes for those who are career changers, transitioning from the military, college grads, re-entry, or seeking a promotion.

As you can see writing a personalized, customized resume is labor intensive, thought provoking and requires strategizing and time: time to talk with you, time to create a format that looks great, and time to prepare one that sells you in the 10-15 seconds that a recruiter takes to read through a resume and get a first impression.

A resume for someone with a short work history or recent graduate will generally take a few hours, whereas a resume for someone who has changed jobs and has extensive career experience may take 5-6 hours including meeting time. As a resume writer I have to weed through and pick out the best and representative experiences for the job for which you are applying.

View Resume Samples and read about the process of receiving assistance.

Once I review your background materials, I can provide you with an accurate quote based on the time it will take to prepare your customized resume.

  • Entry-level, college grad, or less than 5 years of experience: $250
  • 5-10 years of experience, non-management: $300
  • 10-15 years of experience: $350
  • 15-20+ years of experience: $400
  • Management: $450
  • Senior Management, Director: $500
  • Update a resume I prepared for you: Call for a quote

  • Cover letter: $50, $75 depending on complexity
  • Thank You letter: $50
  • Reference letter: $50

Call 510.301.6118 or email Marilyn for more information.

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