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Employment Training
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Employment Training

EMPLOYMENT SKILL BUILDING TRAINING: $75 /HR, provided by Marilyn Stollon, B.A.

Module I - Strategizing / Training Goals

     Initial Assessment Meeting: 1 hr
Meet with the client face to face to for an in depth review of their training goals in order for them to develop and learn skills sets for an effective employment search. Assess the client's individual training needs to determine the job search skills they will need to conduct their employment search. This will help the client to identify their issues and barriers that may prevent them from obtaining employment. Review with the client their efforts to locate suitable employment and any employment services they have participated in. Determine what job search training will be needed to assure success.

     Job Search Strategy Meeting: 1 hr
Develop a training plan of action with the client that will outline the daily and weekly goals for them to work on, and the job search techniques and strategies that they will use after training to seek work in their field. Prepare a report that will outline the needs and what training will be provided.

     Report Prep: 1 hr

Total : 3 hours: $225.

Module II - JSS Training

     Individualized Job Seeking Skills Training: $75/hr.

Using the job search plan of action developed with the client in the initial meeting, I will train the client individually to find and identify appropriate job leads for themselves. I will provide indepth training on applying for jobs online; using job boards, filling out online applications, registering with LinkedIn,and developing in person networking. I will train clients in the interviewing process from initial contact to the final offer; including training on appropriate follow up after an interview by preparing thank you letters and/or other contacts via email etc.
  1. Resume Prep, Cover Letter: 3 hrs
    Provide training and guidance to the client to prepare their own resume and cover letter, including correct wording.
  2. Interview Preparation : 2 hrs
    Train the client how to prepare for an interview,how to analyze the job ad, how to respond to standard and non standard questions, and how to anticipate questions. Role play if necessary.
  3. Salary Negotiation: 1 hr
    Train the client how to negotiate salary and handle a job offer.
  4. Job Search Techniques: 2 hr
    Train the client how to use 21st century job search techniques effectively, including LinkedIn, networking,and researching alternative sources for job leads.
  5. Report Preparation : 1 hr
    Document the client's progress in learning these skills and whether they are job search ready.
Total: 9 hrs: $675.

Module III - Ongoing Job Search Skill Building Development and Training
  • Train the client how to identify appropriate job leads and provide examples weekly of appropriate job leads for the client to follow up on. Train them to research companies and industries, and how to identify anticipated openings and how to follow up with networking contacts. Train the client how to document their activities and how to assess each aspect of the job search for effectiveness.
  • Assist the veteran with preparing a federal resume/application. Review the steps for preparing a federal resume, i.e. gathering documents, identifying appropriate job titles, understanding the difference between a federal and private sector resume, learning how to identify key words, and qualifications in the announcement. Ensure the veteran is familiar and registered with USAjobs and other federal agency sites.
  • Provide examples of federal resume formats, teach the veteran how to craft CCAR statements for their resume, teach the veteran how to use the identified key words in their resume.
  • Review, revamp and revise the veteran's drafts to ensure they are grammatically correct etc. Veteran will agree to co-write resume and work collaboratively with me to the final draft stage.
  • If the veteran already has a federal resume, then I can review it, proof it, critique it for content and form and for relevance to positions the vet is applying for at the time. Provide training on how to update and revamp the federal format if necessary.
  • Meet in person no less than monthly, or conference call if the client is unable to travel.
  • Prepare a monthly report that documents ongoing skill development and effectiveness in seeking employment, or additional training needs and barriers to finding a job. Each month I will continue ongoing training with the client to improve the methods used in their job search as well as to complete the federal resume/application.
Total: Up to 20 hours /month at $75/hr. Total Cost: $1500/month.
Total cost will vary depending on the length of training.

Call 510.301.6118 or email Marilyn for more information.

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